Pyrite Removal

[ What is Pyrite and how does it affect my home? ]

FTC Construction does not test for pyrite. We offer a removal service only.

Pyrite is a mineral found in backfill gravel. When this gravel comes in contact with humidity and moisture it oxidizes and causes the foundation or slab to heave and/or crack. The visual cues to this are large cracks garage floor/basement floor and foundation cracks caused by the horizontal pressure exerted on the foundation wall.

Don’t let pyrite drive down the re-sale price on your home, contact us to see how we can take the correct measures to remove pyrite from your home. 

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[ French Drains ]

A French drain is simply a perforated pipe that is buried in a bed of gravel at the footing of your foundation which collects groundwater and surface water and moves it away from your foundation.

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[ Concrete Work ]

FTC Construction offers concrete services such as concrete slabs and walkways, concrete retaining walls and basement entries, concrete driveways, concrete suspended balconies as well as trench drains. Please contact us for a quotation.

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